2017 Stewardship Campaign

Fearless Giving

In a season where fear seems to be dominating the narrative, how do we operate out of a place of hope and confidence in God and God’s future?  Everywhere we turn, politicians and pundits are expressing fear about our current situation and fear about our future.  We see images of war in Aleppo, receive reports from our mission partners in the DR of Congo of instability and violence and experience the impact of gun violence right here in our own neighborhood.  Yet, I John 4 reminds us that “there is no room in love for fear.” 

What is the antidote for fear? Hope in God.  It always has been and always will be. Hope is not optimism. Hope is not wishful thinking. Hope is grounded in a realistic understanding of the challenges of our present day and a place of confidence that God and God’s people can make things better. That is why we as the church take action. That is why we work to change lives and transform the world. That is why we gather for worship every Sunday. That is why we visit those who are sick or frail. That is why we identify and tackle root problems and then try to alleviate them – by providing food and a hand up, tutoring help and high quality, low-cost childcare. With all of these things that we do as a church, we are throwing the weight of our lives toward hope and away from fear.

We invite you to throw the weight of your lives towards hope through your gifts of money, time, energy and love. Together, let us work toward the world we long for – a world shaped by the redeeming love of God as found in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Stacia Edwards    
Stewardship Committee and the Session of Broad Street Presbyterian Church




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What is Proportional Giving?

Proportional giving is offering to God in a committed and faithful manner a portion of what God has given us.  To help guide all members of the church with their level of financial giving to the church, the session prayerfully asks all of you to consider giving three to ten percent of your gross income. The Session is asking the congregation to embrace the present opportunity by thinking in a new way about how to live a generous life.


Online Bank Bill Pay

If you wish to set up Bill Pay through your bank's website, just establish BSPC as a payment. If you need to add an account number, we ask that you use your home or cell phone number. This way, if there is an issue, we can call the number to verify the account.

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